Here’s some feedback about Contour College

Michelle A
My time with Contour College was very enjoyable. The trainers and staff were always happy to see us, to help us learn to the best of our ability. A special thank you to Paula for being understanding and always finding ways to help and encourage us.
Laura B
I enjoyed completing the Diploma of Salon Management. The group of ladies I studied with were supportive and a great bunch. Both my Trainers, Kim and Simon were excellent. They were professional, explained and delivered the course well. I look forward to training with the same bunch of ladies in my Cert III Hairdressing Course.
I thought the training was very thorough and Simon was a great teacher. I was so lucky to have a great group of students to work with. The vibe at Contour College is very energetic and welcoming. It was a lot of hard work but the results were worth it. This is the strictest College I have ever attended, but setting such high standards encourages us to achieve more.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Contour College and the staff members for all the help, support and encouragement I received over my year of studying the Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Without the wonderful staff and quality training I would not be where I am today. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Contour College and would recommend them to anyone. Contour College provided me with the skills, knowledge and professionalism to be able to gain employment from my work experience and grow as an individual, which I am truly grateful for. Thank you!
I started at Contour College in January 2015 in Beauty Therapy but was only interested in Makeup. The course opened me up to all the services and I fell in love with the industry. It was a bit of a struggle and I didn’t think I would be able to pass with all the studying and work but because of all the support I received from Contour College I was able to push through and succeed. All the tips and tricks I learned I still carry with me today. The lifestyle at the College was always a fun learning environment but also serious to make us the best therapists we could be. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Contour College. I hope to be a trainer myself one day or open up my own business and teach other young girls about this amazing industry and all the things you can pursue with it. It all starts with having passion and believing in your yourself.
I was very happy with the Student Support I received during my training. I completed my Diploma of Salon Management last year and I came back to enrol in the Certificate III Hairdressing which I have almost finished. I was very appreciative of the flexibility and support I received to help me balance my lifestyle around my training.
Such a supportive base of trainers and I enjoyed the College community. I made some great friends and learned lots of valuable things. Very proud to receive my Diploma of Salon Management.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, Paula for being the Student Co-ordinator at Contour College. Your skill, knowledge and level of standards set the bar high for the students which made it easy to transition into the workforce. I thank you for pushing me when I needed it and working with me when I had surgery. You were a pleasure to be around and very helpful. Times got a little tough for me at Contour College but I made it to the end and am so thrilled I did! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Contour College and will definitely miss the atmosphere and people there. While I am being appreciative, I would also like to mention Kim. Kim was a great trainer with extensive knowledge and a great support. Kim is an asset for Contour College, all us girls will miss her dearly. The team at Contour College will not be forgotten.
The course met my expectations and was what I needed… the trainers made it fun and enjoyable for me and gave me a great experience in all subjects that I was taught.
Had an amazing experience at Contour College, great trainers and a great new functional salon…Thank you
A very supportive group of trainers, there are some areas that could be reviewed regarding what is industry relevant and what employers are actually looking for . But would recommend Contour College for anyone who is self motivated and want to make there dreams a reality. hard work pays off, thank you Kim, Paula & Ann
TLK Alesco School
Thank you for giving our students an opportunity to experience your training organisation first hand. We are a small high school of around 60 students. Many of our teenagers have had, and still endure, intense and extremely stressful experiences in life, and daily management of their lives is an ongoing challenge. Many of our students would not have the confidence or self belief to visit training organisations on their own, and see the diverse range of career possibilities for their futures. So thank you for your willingness to support these wonderful young people and give them hope for their future. Our students enjoyed the individual attention that they received from the students and their trainers. We at TLK Alesco truly value these opportunities for our students. Please thank all the Hairdressing and Beauty trainers and their students for making a difference in the lives of our students.